Hello and welcome to my first blog post.

I wanted to create a blog where I can be more interactive with my clients and followers. Photography means so much to me. I am a new York city fine art portrait photographer who loves to photograph portraits of newborns, family, couples, women, and weddings. I love to photograph women and show their outer and inner beauty. A wedding is a very special day to the bride and groom. I just love being a part of it and capturing the special moments of that day. 

Aside from taking pictures of people, I love to take pictures of animals, nature landscapes, flowers, etc. I always wish I had my camera with me every time I walk around. I always find something I wish I photographed. You might see some of those pictures in a blog post once in a while.  :) 

My blog will consist of products I offer, behind the scenes, session pictures, some DIY art and crafts, and some of my thoughts on photography topics. I am happy to meet and interact with you all.Until next time. :) 

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